Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Variant on the "Benedictine" Altar Arrangement

Some priests, who no doubt want to go to ad orientem as traditionally expressed by common sacred direction but who also feel they need a middle ground before that can be considered, may also face the issue that they may not have six altar candlesticks available to them at this time. Still others may find they want an interim step even to the six altar candlesticks itself.

With that in mind, one reader sent in this photo from their parish of an altar arrangement that they have apparently had for some time now:

This sort of arrangement could even be done with two altar candlesticks and the cross in the centre -- though, again, I'd like to emphasize that having some height to both the cross and the candlesticks, so that they have some substance, is important I think for the purpose of re-orientation.

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