Thursday, January 24, 2008

Please welcome a new NLM German Correspondent

I want to introduce the NLM readership to another new "occasional contributor" who we are happy to have on board.

Gregor Kollmorgen is a native of Berlin, Germany where he still resides. He spent many years studying Latin and ancient Greek and later studied Law in Berlin and Madrid and after internships in Santiago (Chile) and Washington, DC. He now works professionally as a lawyer in the Berlin office of an international law firm. NLM readers might be more accustomed to his commenting name of "Berolinensis".

Liturgically, Gregor has operated in the context of both the reform of the reform and the usus antiquior -- in the case of the latter, being acquainted with the Institute of St. Philip Neri which the NLM has posted about numerous times. Gregor's main liturgical and theological interests are in the area of ceremonial, vestments and vesture, Church architecture, Church History (particularly with regard to the Papacy and the area of the former Holy Roman Empire) and the theology and history of the Roman and other Western rites.

Gregor is also well acquainted with various continental languages and does an excellent job scouring the European ecclesiastical news sources for interesting liturgical stories in Europe. I am sure the NLM readership can look forward to the fruits of this.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Gregor Kollmorgen to the NLM.

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