Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pope on "conversi ad Dominum"

Fr. Zuhlsdorf has mentioned an interesting reference heard from the Pope today in his Wednesday General Audience. It is a reference to the ancient liturgy and "turning towards the Lord".

Fr. Zuhlsdorf's translation of the relevant excerpt:

"Behold, the meaning of prayer: to open our hearts, to create in us a willingness which opens the path to Christ. In the liturgy of the ancient Church, after the sermon, the bishop or president of the celebration, the principal celebrant, said: "Conversi ad Dominum…Turn (around) toward the Lord". Then he himself and all there rise [text: rose] up and turn [text: turned] themselves toward the East. The all want [text: wanted] to gaze toward Christ. Only if we have been converted, only in this turning toward Christ, in this common gaze at Christ, can we find the gift of unity."

It is very encouraging to hear a Pope mention these references at all, but all the more when it is clear that he is pursuing a liturgical path of trying to re-orient the liturgy.

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