Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Parish Re-Design

You might recall back in February of 2007 I had pursued a few theoretical budget parish re-designs. The idea was to see what could be done to re-enchant a parish church, even a fairly modern one, with the least possible financial requirements to accomplish it.

You might recall this parish which was one of the first to send in a request for proposal in this regard:

I was very pleased to receive an email from them today. I am told their parish now celebrates both forms of the Roman liturgy. I am also told that more redesigns will be forthcoming. With that, please take a look at what their parish looked like as of today:

It will be interesting to see what else is forthcoming. The addition of the altar frontal is very nice, as is the widening of the altar. The traditional candlesticks are also very nice.

We look forward to more from this parish and if any others have similar stories to send in, do send them please.

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