Monday, December 31, 2007

Papal Vespers [UPDATED]

This evening's papal vespers, which included adoration and benediction were liturgically quite splendid.

The Holy Father's throne was up on steps in the vein of the tradition and he wore again a Roman style embroidered cope and mitre -- either the same as at his Urbi et Orbi blessing, or very similar. [Looking more closely, the mitre is different, but the cope appears to be the same as the blessing.]

Watch here for official photographs sometime -- though whether they will come out today is now debatable given the time of year. That said, I note as well that Father Zuhlsdorf managed to take a few screenshots from the live broadcast, so do wander over there if you want to see something sooner than later. [Pictures now below]

You can also seem the whole liturgy for yourself on EWTN, which is re-airing the event at 4:00pm EST.

[Not the official photographs I am waiting for, but some from a news source.]

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