Saturday, December 15, 2007

Restored High altar in Kražiai (Lithuania)

I received the following story from Lithuania this morning:

It has been seven years since the beginning of the restoration of the High altar of the Immaculate Conception church in Kražiai. Seven years ago the group of young people with the parish priest Father Alionidas Budrius, inspired by studies of the Church fathers as well as then-Cardinal Ratzinger, started organizing the study week of the Gregorian chant and the Tradition of the Church “Ad Fontes”. Father Uwe M. Lang, Professor Laszlo Dobszay, Father Scott Haynes – all of them took part in the summer academy and, indeed, in the effort to rediscover the truthfulness and beauty of the Tradition during all these years.

On the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, Father Lang, visiting Lithuania for a conference on the impact of the Council of Trent, celebrated the Mass at the [new restored] High altar of Kražiai church.

To refresh your memory, here is a picture of the church as it appeared in the summer of this year:

Here is a picture of the altar taken from the event spoken of above, with the newly restored high altar:

And while we are it, another photo from the event:

The restoration took awhile due to funding and I am told they have much more work to be done to restore the church. Potential benefactors take note!

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