Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blog Question

For a long while, I have been trying to determine if there would be any merit for the NLM to invest in its own domain name such as:

(This can be done while still remaining on, which I think has merit in its own right, including being able to use Google's blog search functionality.)

As part of this, I might also be interested in potentially finding some high bandwidth server space for putting up the pictures that appear on the NLM, rather than hosting them on services like Imageshack or Flickr.

I'd be curious to hear your feedback about this and what you think the benefits may be, or may not be. I am trying to determine if there is a value-added for doing such, particularly since their will be annual costs associated with this.

I have no direct plan of action at the moment, but am simply considering options.

Comments appreciated (including any knowledge of a server like I mention). Further, if we have a donor or two who would be interested in helping get such established, that would be useful to know, but please contact me by email for such.

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