Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dominican Rite Christmas, 2007, Portland OR

As promised earlier, Fr. Anthony Patalano, O.P., pastor of Holy Rosary Church has sent the first of several photos of the Missa Cantata celebrated according the traditional Dominican Rite at Holy Rosary Church in Portland OR on Christmas Day. This photo shows the elevation.

Expecting questions, I will note a couple of things. The lower candles (one partly hidden behind the six on the altar) are not on the altar but are flanking the Sacrament House, which stands behind the free standing altar (so that it can be used either ad populum or ad orientem). The small candle visible to the right of the celebrant is the "Sanctus Candle," which was lighted and placed there by one of the servers at the beginning of the Canon. The great crucifix of the church is suspended above the altar and is higher up than the celebrant's head, so you cannot see it in this picture.

Fr. Patalano is wearing an apparelled amice, so I assume that he also has on the lovely apparelled alb from the vestment set made for the 100th anniversary Dominican Solemn Mass at Holy Rosary about 10 years ago, for which videos are available in the link on this site's side-bar. The sacrament house / tabernacle was also crafted at the time of this anniversary and the church completely restored. Part of that restoration is the altar that you see here, which was originally the high altar of old St. Dominic's Church in San Francisco: the church destroyed in the 1906 Earth Quake.

If any readers were present for this Mass, I would happy to hear about the service and the music from Cantores in Ecclesia in the combox. I hope to have more pictures up in a couple of days. I have been in transit from Italy and now am in the U.S., but will soon leave for my province in California so there might be a small delay.

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