Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More on P. Marini

Archbishop Piero Marini's Address in London may be found here: Independent Catholic News

He uses some interesting expressions I think, such as "drawing up texts and rites" -- one of the precise arguments of Ratzinger as well as the reform of the reform and classical liturgical movement, and assuredly also of the Christian East were it to be put to them, is that we do not "draw up" liturgical rites.

We can fully agree with Marini when he says this however:

"...in my judgement, the goal of the liturgy is none other than the goal of the Church, and the future of the liturgy is the future of Christianity and of the Christian life. And, this is so, precisely because, as the Council Fathers remind us. "the liturgy is the summit towards which the Church's activity is directed, and the source from which all her power flows." (SC 10)

This is one of those areas where progressivists, traditionalists and re-reformists can agree. The liturgy matters, and the shape of the liturgy is itself formative. This is a fundamental matter at the very heart of the Church.

It is not mere aesthetics, culture or taste, and certainly not "elitism" but rather this very truth that drives the new liturgical movement (lower-case) in its various expressions and areas of focus; from issues surrouding the reform, matters of translation, to the sacred arts.

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