Friday, December 21, 2007

A Chapel Renovation at Seton Hall

A reader sent in the following information about the Seton Hall chapel of the Immaculate Conception. The chapel is being renovated as we speak.

Here is the chapel as it stands today:

A picture showing the renovation now underway:

The primary difference, of course, will be the side altars with their reredoses and the placement of the tabernacle with a reredos back in the middle of the sanctuary where the old high altar would have approximately been.

The main altar is evidently being redesigned and will be forward from the tabernacle with its reredos.

One addition that would improve this design would be if the celebrant's chair were to be moved to the side of the altar, rather than sitting centrally behind it. This, however, is easy enough to modify at any time.

Another and even more significant question, based upon looking at the design diagram, is whether enough room is being left to comfortably allow Mass to also be said ad orientem. Evidently, this is a serious requirement particularly in the light of the post-Motu Proprio Church. Let us hope that this has been taken into account.

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