Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Liturgical Quiz: Answers

On Sunday I had put out a quick "liturgical quiz" and I am sure you are now eager to read the answers, so without further adieu, here they are with the original questions:

1. Which rite historically used the Veni Creator in place of Psalm 42 (Judica Me) for some of its life?

Answer: The Cistercian rite. Up until 1647 when the Master General, Claude Vaussin, reformed the Cistercian rite to bring it closer to the Roman, this was done. However, in the St. Bernard province of Castile, Spain, Archdale King notes that this O.Cist congregation was separate from Citeaux and they retained the more ancient Cistercian usage right up until about the 19th century.

2. Which rite uses multiple Kyrie's instead of the Kyrie Eleison / Christi Eleison / Kyrie Eleison?

Answer: The Ambrosian rite.

3. Which rite of Mass used liturgical "fans" in its solemn form?

Answer: The Carmelite rite. Many mentioned the Salisbury, or Sarum use. I cannot comment on whether they used such as well off-hand.

4. A liturgical rite from Portugal is the ____________ rite.

Answer: Bragan rite

5. What Breviary is setup by the seasons of "Hiemalis I", "Hiemalis II", "Aestiva I" and "Aestiva II" instead of "Hiemalis", "Verna", "Autumnalis" and "Aestiva"

Answer: The Ambrosian Breviary. From what I understand, this is somehow tied to the historical fact of two Cathedrals of Milan, one being the Winter Cathedral, and one being the Summer cathedral. Perhaps Nicola can explain further.

6. The _______________ rite was modified in 1981 and has not yet received the recognitio of Rome.

Answer: The Carthusian rite.

7. The rite of Toledo is another name for the ______________ rite.

Answer: Mozarabic rite.

8. A well-known Missal published in 1738 is the Missale ______________.

Answer: Missale Parisiense, or Paris Missal, published by De Vintmille, Archbishop of Paris. It was apparently the basis for many of the neo-gallican Missals.

9. The following religious order did not use the Roman Breviary, but did use the Roman Missal: _____________________. They used the Breviarium ____________.

Answer: The Benedictines used the Missale Romano-Monasticum (the Roman missal with a greater focus on monastic saints in the Proper) but did have their own form of the breviary, the Breviarium Monasticum which followed the prescripts of the Rule of St. Benedict.

10. Dom Prosper Gueranger was known for his opposition of the _______________ rites.

Answer: neo-Gallican rites.

11. A Hungarian congregation that had their own variation upon the breviary used by their order is the ___________ congregation.

Answer: The Maurist congregation.

12. The "day hours" of the Divine Office are published as (in Latin) a ___________.

Answer: Diurnale

13. A Graduale contains what?

Answer: The chants of the Mass.

14. The ____________ rite significantly Romanized its liturgical ceremonial in 1965.

Answer: Here, it looks like I am corrected by our resident expert, Fr. Thompson. The answer I was thinking of was the Dominican rite as represented in the 1965 edition of the Dominican Missal, however, as he noted in his own comment, the rubrical revisions became most significant in 1966-68.

If any of my own answers are in need of tweaking, please feel free in the comments. That is the main purpose of exercises such as these after all. To invoke research and discussion.

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