Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's that time of year again: Liturgical Calendars

One simple thing in a household that can help in permeating the liturgical year of the Church into one's domestic life is a liturgically oriented calendar.

Of course, some households may find they are in need two calendars, one for the modern Roman liturgy and one for the ancient Roman liturgy.

For the ancient Roman liturgy, two possibilities stand out:

1. The FSSP Calendar

2. The St. Gregory Society Calendar

For the modern Roman liturgy, there will like be a variety of options I am sure.

Of course, in looking for a good calendar, the key is to find those which include:

- a comprehensive listing of feasts and saints days
- noting of days of fast and abstinence
- beautiful sacred/liturgical art for each month
- ideally, the liturgical colour of the day would somehow figure into things

If anyone would like to share other specific liturgical calendars they find of value, please do so.

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