Saturday, December 29, 2007

Following Benedict

You may recall that a few weeks back I had put up a set of 6 traditional brass altar candlesticks for a "donation auction" here on the NLM, with the criteria that they go to a parish or priest somewhere who wanted to use them upon the altar.

I thought some of our readers would be interested to see what happened to those candlesticks:

This picture was taken on Christmas Eve.

There were two things I had in mind as a hope: one was that some community using the classical Roman liturgy might acquire them to use for their altar, the other was that someone working for the reform of the reform, and inspired by the recent re-arrangement of the altar by Pope Benedct XVI, would see an opportunity to acquire these and setup their altar likewise.

I was very pleased to see the latter happen and I am hopeful that it is something we will see more of on the part of our priests working for the reform of the reform.

To our priests: if you have done this, or when you do proceed with this, please do send in your photos to the NLM as this can help encourage other priests similarly.

Also, if our priests would like to share their plans in this regard, or to note what they have done in recent months to help effect the reform of the reform in their parishes, please use the comments.

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