Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An interesting day for the discovery of vestments

It is interesting to me how various things can collide on a single day. Today was a day were it seemed to be destined that I should be looking at some very edifying vestments.

It began with a discussion with a priest about Roman copes and where one might find patterns for the creation of such. This led to this find of a very beautiful historical cope:

Apparently, this cope is from Saint Bavo Cathedral, Ghent, and dates to sometime in the 15th century.

Later, I was emailed by another priest who expressed that while the fiddleback style of chasuble wasn't his own personal favourite, he wanted to share these images of a frankly stunning chasuble in that style:

Following immediately upon this, Michael Sternbeck of St. Bede's Studio sent me an image of a first "prototype" of a style of vestment they are introducing that sits, historically and stylistically, part way between the gothic form and the later baroque form:

Michael has further information about this series of vestments on his own blog.

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