Thursday, May 10, 2007

Offering it up

In recent weeks, perhaps even the in the past year, "motu mania" has occupied a great deal of space on this and other blogs. With each successive rumoured date of release which doesn't materialize, frustration seems to mount. Indeed, there seems to have been an increase in tensions in general across the Catholic blogosphere, though it is highly doubtful that all of it is related to the MP. There is lots of chatter, and lots of noise. And a great dearth of manners and charity.

Earlier this week I finally saw Into Great Silence, and apart from the obvious theme of quiet, another aspect of the movie struck me: The shots of the monks quite often were taken from the side, and therefore the ear was frequently at the center of the picture.

Under the inspiration of the praying monk's ear, I would like to propose that we (that includes me--especially me) spend less time talking and more time listening in prayer, so that what we do say might be edifying, and so that what we say might bring light rather than heat. Moreover, I would like to propose that we, as a community here at NLM, offer up together some sacrifice for the renewal of the sacred liturgy in both rites. My suggestion is to abstain from meat on Wednesdays; but if this is not possible for some, it could be anything, really--as long as it hurts to give it up. As long as we are unified in our prayers and sacrifices, that is the main point.

I do not mean to sound pious or grandiose, but there is nothing more potent than fasting and prayer. Ten thousand comboxes could not accomplish what determined prayer and fasting can do. Of course, many of you already do this. I confess, however, that the renewal of the sacred liturgy hasn't really been on my prayer list. But whether we've been doing this or not, if we all agree to make a sacrifice together, it will be a marvelous thing indeed.

Many of us here at NLM have been working to improve the liturgy for a very long time, but unless the Lord builds the house, they that labor build in vain. In addition to working and speaking together, let's pray together as well--for the Holy Father, for our respective local bishops, for freedom for the Traditional Mass, for a more traditional practice of the modern rite, and for unity within the Church.

[To add to Michael's thought. Awhile back, I had promoted that people here consider taking up a daily reading of a portion of the Rule of St. Benedict, which is available online. You may also wish to pray the Novena for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy created by Adoremus. - Shawn.]

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