Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An interesting offering from Saint Joseph Communications

Benedict XVI and the Spirit of the Liturgy
(PC: DUCA0406-CD)
By Fr. Joseph Fessio
Narrated by: Saint Joseph Communications
Category: Liturgy (CD)

Discover Benedict XVI’s Profound and Beautiful Insights to Restore the “Great Prayer of the Church”

What You’ll Discover:

Why Benedict XVI is convinced that the present crisis in the Church is due to “the disintegration of the Liturgy”

Why the “Word and the Will of the Lord” must guide and govern the Church today

Why the Holy Father believes that prohibiting the Traditional Latin Mass has caused “a breach in Liturgical history”

How Vatican II must be re-read in the light of tradition—and no longer understood as a “rupture with the past”

What is the true meaning of worship from Scripture and Tradition

Why the return of the priest facing the altar is essential to true worship

Why the Eucharist is much more than a meal

What is the real heart and true grandeur of the Sacred Liturgy

How the eternal is embodied in the Mass and enters into our present moment

Why the Church desperately needs a “New Liturgical Movement” to call to life the real heritage of the Second Vatican Council

And much, much more

Language: English
$26.95 USD

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