Wednesday, May 16, 2007

San Gregorio! Heinrich Ignaz Biber! Rosaries! What's Not to Like?

Our dear friends at what may be Rome's smallest church, the lovely and wonderfully dusty San Gregorio dei Muratori, will be hosting a public recitation of the Rosary with music this coming May 23rd at 7 PM. (Biber's rosary sonatas, I'm told, are extremely conducive to meditation, and are not to be missed as masterpieces in their own right.) The details, from the fine people at the FSSP in Urbe blog:

May 23rd, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. at San Gregorio dei Muratori, Via Leccosa 75 (off Piazza Nicosia), the Fondazione Elsa Peretti with the collaboration of the Associazione Pro Missa Romana is sponsoring a recitation of the Most Holy Rosary in Latin with musical accompaniment.
Gregorian Antiphon
Ave Maris Stella
Francesco Soriano (1548-1621)
Canon CIII Sopra l'Ave Maris Stella
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644-1704)
Sonata del Rosario XII L'Ascensione di Cristo -Intrada
Aria tubicinum - Alemanda - Courente - Double
Anonimo (prima metà XVIII sec.)
Ach amoris dolcissima poena
mottetto per Soprano, Viola d'amore e Basso Continuo

Ach Amoris, Aria
Sed in hac poena, Recitativo

Tu o mi Jesu, Aria


Pablo Bruna (1611-1679)
Tiento de Secondo Tono por G-sol-re-ut
Sobre la letania de la Virgen


This will be the first in a series of Rosaries which will be recited at the principal Marian shrines of Rome. Elsa Peretti has dedicated these events to Our Lady and to the recovery of the sacred through the traditional rites of the liturgy. This first Rosary is in memory of Nando Peretti.
Bound to be prayerful, beautiful, and wonderfully cozy in that little chapel, though I do wonder where they'll fit the violinist. I imagine the answer to that is worth the trip alone.

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