Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Beacon for Catholic Church in the Austria

I was very pleased today to be sent information about a Cistercian Monastery in Austria that I hadn't been aware of: Heiligenkreuz (Holy Cross)

Apparently located here is also a pontifical college (seminary) and they also bear a substantial relic of the true cross.

What I find particularly interesting about this monastery/seminary is its liturgy. As it has come to me from those familiar with the institution, the implementation of Sacrosanctum Concilium at Heiligenkreuz Abbey has made poignant efforts to emphasize continuity with tradition; preserving Latin and a general character of Solemnity and reverence in the Liturgy.

Apparently this implementation was carried out by a former abbot who had himself taken part in the Council and who was convinced that his implementation represented the real intent and spirit of the Council.

One can imagine that, given the very progressivist inclinations of much of the church within Austria, Heiligenkreuz must have both taken some flak from others, and also served as a place of refuge for many Catholics attached to the liturgical tradition of the Church.

Today, it can help take a place as a beacon for the reform of the reform in Europe.

It's worth noting, of his limited visits to this region this year, this particular monastery-seminary will be visited by none other than Pope Benedict XVI -- in September I believe.

Here are some of the photos of their liturgy:

(Veneration of a Relic of the True Cross)


(Concelebrated Mass)

(Procession; not certain of the event, if Mass or otherwise)

(Corpus Christi Procession)

(Proclamation of the Gospel)

(Monastic Profession)

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