Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More on Demand and More on Training

Further to what I was discussing yesterday in the post about demand for training in the classical Roman liturgy, I have two updates; one more on that theme, and the other, another training possibility for clergy.

More on the Signs of Interest/Demand

First, the news. I received today the newsletter of the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei, where they report the following:

"...during this period of waiting [for a possible papal Motu Proprio], the interest and anticipation seem to have taken on a life of their own. Orders pour in the for the DVD version of our educational/training film The Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven, orders from laity and priests. This month we printed 20,000 more copies of the Latin-English Booklet Missal, and are filling orders from across the US and abroad.

On Latin Training

First off, I should note what Fr. Augustine Thompson has noted in the comments. For a priest who is not yet comfortable with ecclesiastical Latin but would like to come to be, one source in particular is both affordable and targets the Missal and the Breviary; Scanlon and Scanlon's Latin Grammar: Grammar Vocabularies and Exercises in Preparation for the Reading of the Missal and Breviary which retails for only $18 USD.

On Rubrical Training in the Connecticut Region

The St. Gregory Society of New Haven, Connecticut, has had to classical Roman liturgy tutorials in recent years, the last one completed just before Lent. They offer either individual or group instructions, depending on demand. The Rev. Kevin Fitzpatrick, executive board member of SGS, offers his services as do Bill Riccio, the Master of Ceremonies.

The ritual as well as the sung parts of the mass are offered during instruction.

Those seeking information should contact:

Bill Riccio
MC, St. Gregory Society


The Rev. Kevin Fitzpatrick
Pastor, Holy Cross Church
750 Tahmore Drive
Fairfield, CT 06825
(203) 372-4595

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