Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Special Liturgy Issue: May/June 2007 St. Austin Review

Subscribers may be receiving their issue anytime, but for those who aren't subscribers to The Saint Austin Review, you will likely be interested to know of a liturgy issue which the NLM worked closely in conjunction with Saint Austin Review staff to produce.

Besides containing a number of pieces by some of our own NLM writers here, it also includes writings by two of the leading liturgical scholars of our day, Fr. Uwe-Michael Lang of the London Oratory, author of Turning Toward the Lord: Orientation in Liturgical Prayer, and the Rev. Dr. Alcuin Reid, author of The Organic Development of the Liturgy.

The theme of this particular issue is "The Spirit of the Liturgy" and I think you will find the liturgical pieces included in the issue to be of great depth, variety and interest. For the less liturgically inclined Catholic readership, if liturgical issues come up at all, it may be more likely in a polemical vein. It is therefore my own hope that an issue such as this might help introduce a variety of liturgical issues to a broader audience, and perhaps in a way they haven't heard of before.

If you don't subscribe, don't despair! You can order an individual issue of the magazing by contacting: lavon@intrepidgroup.com

To give you a sense of the issue, I give you the table of contents:

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