Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pugin's All-encompassing Vision

I'm always astounded by the work of A.W.N. Pugin -- and it should be remembered that for all his accomplishments, he died quite young. What strikes me about Pugin's work is his incredible sense of the importance of colour, geometry and iconic symbolism in sacred architecture. The presence of this can make the difference between a church that is simply "nice" and one that is quite astounding.

The fact is, he was not merely content to design the architectural structure and leave to design and ornament for later individuals. Rather, the strength of Pugin's work is precisely that he was interested in each and every aspect of church design. From its fundamental architectural forms and design, to its tiled floors, to its painted walls, its altars and reredos, down at times even to the vestments and metalware used.

I believe this all-encompassing vision is what makes Pugin stand out in terms of modern Church artists and architects, including our present day. Pugin's vision for church building and design and their equal importance in sacred architecture is something which I think can serve to inspire our promising new church architects today.

On that note, Lacrimarum Valle has some inspiring shots of St. Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham, designed by Pugin.

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