Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Much-Overdue Post

I have been meaning to link to the blog of the St. Bede Studio, whose proprietor is a faithful NLM comments-box habitué. Mr. Sternbeck produces some of the finest reasonably-priced medieval-inspired modern vestments I've seen, relying principally on the richness of material and the gracefulness of the drapery to convey a serene elegance. In an age where the gems and cloth-of-gold of Suger are unfortunately denied us for reasons of cost, such ingenuity is very much welcome and worthy of imitation and further development.

Have I mentioned he also does apparelled amices?

In addition to several of the studio's vestments, we also can find several useful documents from the Ecclesia Dei Commission in response to a number of questions about vesture, as well as who and what can fill in for the subdeacon now that representatives of that order tend to be rather thin on the ground.

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