Sunday, May 27, 2007

Society of St. John Ordinations

Thanks to two readers (who were at this ordination) for sending in this link to photos of the Priestly Ordinations of the Society of St. John in San Nicola in Carcere, Rome. (Some of the photos are a bit grainy. Apologies.)

Do take note of the curtained baldacchino being used, which has been so setup because of the apparent Westward orientation of the apse (as was found to be the case in a number ancient Roman basilicas being that they were constructed by the pagan Romans). Apparently the faithful where also positioned to the north and south sides of the church, rather than in the central nave facing toward the altar.

Some more select images:

You'll see in other pictures (by clicking the link at the top of the post) that the vestments worn by the two new priests are of the full conical variety.

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