Thursday, May 10, 2007

Journal and Periodical announcements

The May 2007 of the Adoremus Bulletin is now available online. This month's edition includes a piece on Msgr. Schuler, the question of Limbo.

It's also worth noting that the most recent issue of Antiphon, the journal of the Society for Catholic Liturgy, is now out. That journal carries a piece of my own which offers a review of the 2006 CIEL conference in Oxford (which isn't available online, and is different from one's I posted elsewhere.)

However, a few articles are available online, including formerly Monsignor, now Bishop-Elect Elliott's piece, Liturgical Translation: A Question of Truth and Fr. Thomas Kocik's piece (featured on here already) on the issue of priests assisting in choro.

Alcuin Reid also has a couple of interesting pieces in the issue, and there are a number of significant book reviews.

It looks like a densely packed issue, and a very good one. If you don't subscribe, you could still purchase a copy of this issue of course.

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