Friday, May 11, 2007

A couple of images from the pre-1981 Carthusian rite

The following pictures come from Archdale King's seminal work, The Liturgies of the Religious Orders -- in which are pictures which should all be scanned.

These particular images are of the Carthusian rite. You don't get to see much, but you do get some insights. Generally speaking, if people find interesting and telling pictures from the various Western rites (other than what has already been posted on here), please do send them or point them out to me if they are on the internet.

One thing that is interesting about this is that these "unique" aspects are often shared or common, to some extent, between the various other Western (non-Roman) rites.

As I recall, its been proposed that this potentially points to the ancient origins of some of these practices, which may have been more "universal" at one time in the West.

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