Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Comments reminder time

It's time for a reminder about the comments.

First, in the past two days, I've had to edit a small handful of messages that employed some kind of profanity which was used to try to give emphasis to a point.

This is not acceptable here, let me be clear.

General Reminders

Just to re-iterate the tone of the comments as they should be here.

Personal attacks are always to be avoided of course.

If you have a position or argument you'd like to make, make it clear this is your argument you are proposing. If, on the other hand, you believe what you are stating is the Church's teaching, then state that. This goes a long way to help people understand what you are and are not saying or implying and can lead to more fruitful discussion.

This site has tried to maintain a more constructive level of discourse. People can critique, people can have preferences, and people can have disagreements, but in all of it, do it with care of thought, good choice of words, decent qualifications and most of all, with class.

You represent, to all who come here, people interested in and who care for the liturgy. Represent us well and make others want to care about the liturgy as well.

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