Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Catholic World News : Orthodox theologians decry "anti-Semitism" in Orthodox liturgy

Catholic World News : Orthodox theologians decry anti-Semitism in liturgy

May. 2, 2007 ( - A group of Orthodox theologians has called for the revision of liturgical texts, to remove what they see as anti-Semitic language, a Russian news agency reports.

Credo, a Christian news agency operating on the internet, reports that 12 Orthodox theologians issued a statement favoring liturgical changes during an April visit to Israel. The group found anti-Semitic passages particularly in the liturgical texts of the Orthodox Easter season.

The statement was endorsed by theologians of the Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, and Georgian Orthodox traditions.

[NLM: Does anyone know what the specific texts are that they are concerned about? It would be interesting to see them in order that we might to see how they do or do not compare to the highly problematic claims recently made against the classical liturgy -- which texts, speaking of conversion and fullness of truth, are vastly mischaracterized in this writer's opinion.]

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