Sunday, May 06, 2007

Alcuin Reid's CIEL paper in The Latin Mass: A correction

Quite recently the blog Uncovering Orthodoxy posted about the most recent issue of The Latin Mass Magazine which includes the excellent paper delivered by Dr. Alcuin Reid at the CIEL 2006 colloquium in Oxford.

It is worth noting, however, that there is an error in the penultimate paragraph of the article which begins at the bottom of page 13. As it reads, it would incorrectly leave the impression that Dr. Reid was criticizing the Holy Father. This is not in fact that case.

For the record it should read:

“None of us, not even our beloved Holy Father, can know with absolute certainty the best way of carrying out that repair. But as the years go on and more people seek to celebrate the new rites in a manner consistent with Catholic worship, whilst others talk of reforming the reform, and others still come to savour the splendour and value of the unreformed traditional Liturgy, a solution, please God, draws nearer.”

For your edification, here is an excerpt from Dr. Reid's paper, which was quoted on the aforementioned blog:

"Those who support the continued and extended celebration of the traditional Liturgy in the Church today have sometimes been portrayed as people who reject the Second Vatican Council, as people who somehow do not belong in the modern Church. There are no doubt some whose reactions to what followed the Council may have provoked such retorts, but we must never forget the real suffering that lay beneath these reactions. And indeed we must not overlook the obedience and loyalty to the Church that frequently motivated those seekig to ‘move on’ in the ’spirit of the Council’ as it was called.

"Today, however, it is time to say that these somewhat dated and uncritical stances need to be abandoned. Both those promoting the traditional rites and those committed to the rites promulgated after the Council need to look again, and more critically, at the liturgical and historical issues involved in the question of the Liturgy after the Council and in our day. Taking an ahistorical stance and claiming that no liturgical development is possible, desirable or legitimate beyond October 1962, or claiming that the apex of liturgical enlightenment in Christian history is to be found in the reforms of Pope Paul VI, are, quite frankly, historically and theologically untenable positions.

"It is in this context that we need to look again at the Council’s call for liturgical development. For development - organic development - is part of the reality of Catholic Liturgy in the tradition of the Church. To be committed to the Church’s liturgical tradition one must accept its possibility, indeed at times its desirability."
-- Alcuin Reid

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