Saturday, November 01, 2008

Rare Liturgical Images: Carthusian Rite

As many of you know, finding and publishing rarer liturgical images is something the NLM has pursued for sometime. The purpose behind this is manyfold but two of the primary reasons are as follows.

In part, it serves as a form of documentation to show various aspects of our long and diverse tradition. In part, it serves as a means to help recover our "liturgical memory". Accordingly, it is hoped that it might serve on both an intellectual level and also on a practical level.

A recent image I wished to show you comes thanks to a Carthusian monastery who sent in a couple of images of their Carthusian liturgical tradition. The NLM has brought you a number of images from this liturgical rite in the past, in both its ancient and modern forms (which will come up in the NLM search bar if you look for it). I won't repeat the images you have already seen, such as the cruciform posture used within the Carthusian liturgy, but this particular image shows something we haven't showed before in its liturgical context. Namely, the Carthusian prostration of thanksgiving that is made after Carthusian rite Mass:

Following this, a Pater and Ave are prayed while kneeling.

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