Monday, January 07, 2008

Infant Jesus

This recent NLM post on the solemn dedication of a statue of the Infant Jesus generated quite a few comments and some strong reactions, typically on Baroque vs. Gothic styles.

A comment that the Infant Jesus "should be decently clad in loose, flowing, GOTHIC robes!" reminded me of the statue below, of Our Lady, Queen of Vocations, in our Dominican priory church in Leicester, England.

The Infant Jesus as Priest and King

Without wishing to invoke questions of style etc again, I was rather struck by this statue, as I had not seen Our Lord as an Infant, and yet also depicted as priest and king. In these days of Epiphany-tide, such an image reminds one that the Magi brought to the Holy Child gifts of gold and incense which signified the royal and divine priesthood of the Christ Child.

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