Friday, May 09, 2008

St. John Cantius to Assist Colloquium Choir

Before I tell the news, have you seen (gasp!) the new website of St. John Cantius in Chicago. Wow!

Anyway, the point of my posting is to say that the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius will be assisting at every Mass of the Sacred Music Colloquium, which is being held at Loyola University.

This is a great blessing. The Colloquium has always been very strong on music -- there are 250+ singers who are scheduled to gather the week of June 16-22, 2008. There is nothing in this world as amazing as the sound of polyphony and chant with this number of singers, under the training of the best conductors working today.

What we've lacked in the past is a good team dedicated to all the rest of the details concerning liturgy. So this year, we are so pleased that they will be there to watch after all details, working as well with Fr. Robert Pasley. As you probably know, St. John Cantius is setting the standard of the practice of the Roman Rite, in both forms, in the U.S..

It also appears that Corpus Christi Watershed is coming to film the entire event and produce excellent DVDs and CDs of what promises to be the most extravagant and glorious conference in sacred music and liturgy in many years.

Here is a clip from last year, featuring Os Justi by Bruckner:

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