Sunday, May 18, 2008

DVD of usus antiquior Pontifical Mass in Germany

Some of you might remember that I mentioned in March that the German Marian Youth Congregation had been announcing the future release of a DVD of last summer's pontifical Mass in St. Anna's Basilica in Altötting, celebrated by H.E. Msgr. Wolfgang Haas, the Archbishop of Vaduz (Liechtenstein), in the context of the annual pilgrimage in the traditional rite. I had posted the teaser video at the time.

The DVD has now been released and can be ordered here for a minimum offering of € 12. The order form is in German only, but I am sure they would be happy to handle your order in English, perhaps for a somewhat higher offering, considering increased shipping costs for overseas orders. The fields of the form are Surname, Christian name, Street, Zip code, City, Country, Number of DVDs, Email address, Comments.

There is also a new teaser with slightly different footage, and which lets you hear the actual soundtrack of the Mass instead of the overlaid music of the first one:

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