Friday, May 23, 2008

New Look for The Society of St Catherine of Siena

The Society of St Catherine of Siena have launched a newly designed and updated website.

This Society, incidentally, is well worth your attention and support. They do great work and help promote important scholarship. Most recently they have been working with Dr. Lauren Pristas on the her important theological-liturgical study of the revision of the Roman collects between the ancient and modern Roman missal. From all accounts, it is set to be an extremely important and revealing study. As Dr. Pristas herself describes it:

A study of the collects of the post-Vatican II missal in relation to their sources and the corresponding collects in the pre-Vatican II missal in order to discover whether the spiritual and theological formation that today’s Catholics receive as they worship is the same as the formation received by earlier generations. And if, as my preliminary findings indicate, this formation is different, to determine to what extent and in what ways it is different, and what this means for present and future generations of Catholics.

If you are interested in liturgical study and research, do bookmark their page.

A second fellow is due to be publically announced soon.

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