Sunday, May 25, 2008

They did it!

Reuters reports that "A group of Austrian monks [Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz] have entered the British album charts with a recording of Gregorian chants, the Official UK Charts Company said on Sunday. The Cistercian monks of the Stift Heiligenkreuz monastery are Universal Classics' latest unlikely stars, entering the British album charts at number nine with their debut "Chant -- Music for Paradise". It also clinched the top spot in the classical chart."

One wonders what the effect will be in the UK, which has its own issues concerning music at Mass.

The CD (which is truly glorious) is set for a July 1 release in the U.S. If enough sales take place between now and when it is released, it could come in high (if not #1) in the U.S. charts as well. Now, I'm not of the temperament to conduct some sort of public campaign but it strikes me that a #1 opening in the United States would make quite the statement on behalf of a sound future for Catholic music in our parishes and cathedrals, nudge nudge. Support chant!

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