Monday, May 12, 2008

Surviving Pre-reformation English Church Painting: A Continuing Consideration

As part of our continuing, albeit informal, consideration of mediaeval English ecclesiastical painting that survived the reformation (in many cases for reasons of being hidden away or recovered from under white washing), I've picked up on some other examples which are in particularly good condition.

These particular images I have found through a book recently published by Boydell and Brewer, Medieval Wall Painting. There are many more examples in here that I would quite like to show, and perhaps we will in the near future -- provided I can find images online.

As that is extremely time consuming, for the moment I will share these images I found and put together last week.

St. Thomas Becket, Salisbury

(Image courtesy of Sacred Destinations)

(A close-up of the Doom Scene, courtesy of the Ecclesiological Society; they note that this was re-painted in the 19th century)

Westminster Abbey, London

St. Mary's, Great Canfield

(Image copyright John Whitworth of

St. Clement, Ashampstead

An image that I cannot post here due to copyright, but which should be viewed is found in Ashampstead, in the parish of St. Clement and depicts the Nativity. Do take note of the detail and imagine it as it would have been originally.

St. Michael's, Framlingham

(Image copyright Simon Knott of Suffolk Churches site)

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