Monday, May 12, 2008

Chartres: Thoughts on the Concluding Day of the Pilgrimage

Today is the final day for the great annual pilgrimage to Chartres. As I write, the pilgrims should be arriving at the great Cathedral and Solemn Mass will be celebrated in a couple of hours time by Father Louis-Marie de Blignières, prior of the fraternity St. Vincent Ferrer.

With this Mass, the pilgrimage closes. While there is a certain sadness about this since these days seem to be an occasion of spiritual fervour and renewal not only for the pilgrims physically present, but also for those of us who join with them spiritually each year, the good news is with the close of the pilgrimage there yet flows many graces and spiritual fruits -- not to mention many photographs, official and unofficial, videos and so forth. We will bring you these.

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