Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A few days quiet

In case you are wondering why I have been quieter than usual these past few days (whether here or in email response), this is in great part due to the fact that I am preparing for an 11 day excursion (not including travel days) to two great cities in the history of Christendom.

Beginning tomorrow, Thursday May 29th about midday, I will depart for Italy, returning the evening of Tuesday, June 12th.

Once there, I will quickly make my way to the city of Milan where I will spend a few days visiting the sites associated with St. Ambrose, the Ambrosian church and the Ambrosian liturgy.

After these few days, I will then find myself in the Eternal City for the remainder of my visit.

For the days in Milan I am uncertain if I will have much time or opportunity for internet access, but I am more hopeful that once in Rome, I will have some opportunities to update readers, and to some extent, continue to keep up with current news and events -- though evidently without the same concentration as usual. That said, the rest of the NLM blogging team will be hard at work in these regards, as they usually are. So do continue to send in your emails, photos and news for at very least, if I haven't the time to post an item myself, I shall be able to send it to one of my confreres.

This visit will be very much a liturgically focused and oriented pilgrimage, so I do hope to present some interesting sights and sounds for our readership, and I will be seeking out those sorts of opportunities and interests.

While there, I will also be present for the first solemn Mass of the new personal parish in Rome for the usus antiquior, Ss. Trinita. I will certainly bring you a first-hand report of those events.

Evidently your prayers for safe travels are appreciated.

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