Friday, May 02, 2008

News from Catholic France: Saint Michel de Rolleboise (IBP) and Pontfical Mass in 12th century Basilica for Ascension

Our photo features always prove wildly popular here on the NLM it seems, and I imagine this is likely because the liturgy is something not meant to be only studied, it is also something meant to be seen and heard -- though clearly this is to say nothing against the study of the sacred liturgy; one of the major interests and pursuits of the NLM.

I am myself rather interested in keeping up with the newer orders attached to the usus antiquior, or those who might be attached to both forms.

In this particular case, we turn our attention yet again upon France, and upon the Institut du Bon Pasteur, the Institute of the Good Shepherd, where they have images from their church of Saint Michel de Rolleboise taken on April 27th.

You can see more pictures by clicking the link above.

While we are in France, here is a photo from Ascension Thursday, showing the pontifical blessing at the end of Mass (usus antiquior) by Bishop Fikart, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Paris, in the presence Archbishop of Dubst:

The Mass took place in the 12th century basilica of Notre-Dame de Bonne Guard in Longpont-sur-Orge.

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