Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Mass and the Saints

Bread for the Eucharistic feast

Family Publications, a leading Catholic publishing company based in Oxford, has recently published a new book edited by Fr Thomas Crean, O.P. Entitled 'The Mass and the Saints', Fr Thomas has "brought together passages from writers of all centuries in which the Mass has been offered, to provide a continuous commentary" on the Holy Sacrifice. Many of the translations are his own and the excerpts are gleaned from a host of Catholic saints and faithful down the ages. The commentaries are consequently focused on the rite which the saints knew and prayed: basically the usus antiquior of the Roman rite. Intended as "an aid to meditation and devotion", Fr Thomas' book is illustrated throughout with photos by Br Lawrence Lew, O.P., some of which were especially commissioned for this hardcover book.

The book (with a preview) is available via, or directly from Family Publications.

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