Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marvel of French Gothic Architecture and Art

Fr. Anthony Symondson tipped me off to this marvelous piece of French gothic architecture, which includes an intricate rood screen and detailed paintings throughout the Cathedral.

Do go and take a look: Cathedrale St. Cecile, Albi

Do note, this is a fully three dimensional link (which requires Quicktime), so you will want to hold down your mouse button and then drag your mouse while doing so, so that you can look all round, including up and down. The image starts at the back with the organ and organ casing.

Also ensure you look up to see the painted vaulted ceilings.

Regarding the organ casing, you will note that it has a painted "Doom scene" on it. There is a potential symbolism here which relates to ad orientem and its Christological associations. However, rather than irresponsibly proclaim the snippets I am thinking of, I will leave it at this for the moment and update the post later.

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