Friday, May 09, 2008

FSSP Liberal Arts School in California seeking Two Teachers

The following was sent into the NLM:

Teaching positions available:

St. Stephen Academy, a small grades 7-12 traditional classical liberal arts Catholic school at St. Stephen the First Martyr Tridentine Parish in Sacramento, has two openings for teachers. The Academy, with its unique curriculum and teaching style, operates under the direction of Reverend Robert Novokowsky, F.S.S.P., who serves as Pastor of the Parish and Chief Operating Officer of the school. (The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (F.S.S.P.) is an international society of Pontifical Rite with the charism to pursue holiness by means of the Traditional Latin Liturgy.)

The students’ intellectual lives are inspired, nourished, and blessed by the traditional Latin Catholic liturgy. Their education is enlivened by a study of the classics, and an infusion of the fine arts. Through daily music and art education, drama, interpretive speech, and choir, students learn to appreciate beauty and to give it form. Our Fraternity of St. Peter priests teach Theology. Our students sing a Latin High Mass every Friday including the Propers, learn conversational Latin, and use Euclid to learn Geometry.

We are looking for persons who can teach a variety of subjects and especially teachers with a classical liberal arts education. Interested parties may visit our website to learn more about the school and obtain preliminary employmnent information, call 916-455-1350 or e-mail Mrs. Barbara Graichen, the principal, at

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