Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Compline for the Liturgy of the Hours: Dominican Use


I am pleased to announce that I have finally completed the draft of a Completorii Libellus Novus for Compline according to the Liturgia Horarum. This text is available for consultation or download on the sidebar of Domnican Liturgy under "Completorii Libellus Novus (2008)." Should you notice any errors or have comments feel free to email me about them and I will strive to clean them up.

This booklet contains all the Domincan music, with some Roman additions for the new order of weekday psalms, needed to sing Compline in Gregorian Chant. As it is for the Dominican use, following the provisions of the Dominican propers of Office published in 1982, it includes all the music particular to the Dominican tradition that I decribed in my posting on Compline in the Dominican Rite.

The liturgy presented includes all readings, chants, hyms, collects, and Psalms (pointed for singing) appointed for Compline. Although you have to know a the conventions of Dominican chant to sing this music, I do think that is something that even non-Dominicans can use. A separate download is provided for a version set up for booklet format. As most of you know, who have been involved in singing Gregorian music, there are no satisfactory books available to sing the modern Liturgy of the Hours in chant. This small booklet is, I hope, a step in that direction.

As virtually all the coments on the combined post about historical Dominican Compline and this new Compline booklet were about the booklet, I have decided to disagregate the two items. The section on Dominican Rite Compline is now separate.

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