Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chartres Pilgrimage

The famed Chartres Pilgrimage begins today and lasts over the next 3 days. As is NLM tradition, we will be bringing you coverage as we can over the next few days, though when it will begin I am uncertain. Much of it is dependent upon the pilgrims and the news and information that flows out of the event.

Do remember the pilgrims in your prayers, that their pilgrimage may be a source of grace for them and for the Church generally.

I am hopeful that this pilgrimage as well might be a source of inspiration for other Catholics, particularly young Catholics and that similar events might be planned all over the world. Such has already been happening in the Northeast USA where a pilgimage to Auriesville, NY occurs each year, inspired by Chartres.

To our young adults attached to the sacred liturgy: how might you bring the spirit of Chartres to your own locales? These events bear with them the power of conversion and can also help spread a new liturgical movement. They are important to both maintain and to establish.

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