Friday, April 27, 2007

Ratzinger on Liturgical Reform (1966)

Commonweal has provided some quotations from the early writings of Joseph Ratzinger on the need for liturgical reform circa. 1966 (note that this is after the 1965 Missal [Note amended below; this is wrong]). I had begun composing a commentary of my own but I think I'll just leave that to others. I found his comments very interesting (for example, I hadn't known that Leo XII actually recommended saying the Rosary during Mass). In any case, his writings here do illustrate the hope of a generation - one that didn't turn out as expected. (Why the Commonweal blogger didn't take time to correct the OCR errors, I have no idea.)

Coda: as the commentator points out, the text was written before 1965 but the book was printed later.

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