Monday, April 16, 2007

Pope holds surprise meeting with Roman Curia

Catholic News Agency has more about this surprise meeting with Roman Curia.

Some have discussed, including some news agencies, whether this was about Latin America. However, there is the open question out there as to whether that was indeed what it was about, since we have no official report, or at least what it was solely about.

Catholic news agency spoke of the meeting this way:

"In what could be a sign of an important upcoming announcement, Pope Benedict XVI convened a surprise meeting on Saturday with the leaders of the Roman curia.

"The Holy See’s Press Office simply reported that the meeting took place on Saturday morning at the Apostolic Palace, where the Pontiff resides.

"Although the Holy See has not revealed the nature of the meeting, several Vatican analysts said the Holy Father has prepared two important documents that merit the opinion of curial officials.

"The first is a the possible Motu Propio—which could be accompanied by a study on the subject by experts—that would allow the universal celebration of the Mass of St. Pius V, the Latin Rite that was universally celebrated prior to the liturgical reform of Vatican II."

The interesting point here is the addition of information, to my knowledge the first time discussed in the news or even generally, that the Motu Proprio "could be accompanied by a study in the subject by experts".

This might also explain the delays in formally promulgating this document. If there is such a study, is it ready or is it undergoing cross-examination before being finally released?

All interesting questions.

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