Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Mainstreaming of Traditionalism

Thomas Woods writes on the very interesting change in outlook, observed in anticipation of the MP, that we see in the Catholic world toward those attached to the preconciliar Missal. What was once considered fringy is now considered reasonable and part of the diversity of the faith, a change he has begun to detect in dealing with talk radio and the media in general. It is precisely as Cardinal Ratzinger said: there is something very wrong when all preconciliar liturgical expression is seen as somehow beyond the pale and those drawn to it suspected as dangerous.

Woods has hit on one of the most exciting aspects of the MP. There is another aspect to this too: there might come a time traditionalists themselves will begin to reintegrate themselves intellectually and emotionally into the Catholic mainstream. They will need to learn to act and think like part of the constructive project of Catholicism rather than rebels in the habit of despising all that is not in conformity with their vision of what the Church should be. The emergence of peaceful coexistence is going to require give and take on all sides.

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