Monday, April 30, 2007

Worth knowing about

This, from a recent mailing of The Saint Joseph Foundation:

Catholics should be taught the truths of their faith without error or ambiguity, they should worship according to the norms established by the Church and they should be governed with proper pastoral care. They should not be provided with these things only whenever Church authorities decide that they should have them. The law of the Church states clearly that they are entitled to them as a matter of right by virtue of their baptism. If their rights to the truth, lawful worship and right governance are not respected, they can turn to the Church's legal system for relief. As canon 221 says so concisely: "Christ's faithful may lawfully vindicate and defend the rights they enjoy in the Church before the competent ecclesiastical forum in accordance with the law." [my italics]

The Foundation was established in 1984 and, in its 23 years, has helped a great many Catholics (clergy and laity alike) defend their canonical rights. To learn more, or to assist this worthy apostolate, call (210) 697-0717 or visit

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