Friday, April 27, 2007

Book on the Traditional Liturgical Communities in France

If you speak French, someone there has published a book on Les communautés traditionnelles en France -- the religious orders in France that use the classical rite, and that are in union with the Holy See.

The description of the book is roughly as follows:

For the first time, the traditional Catholic communities authorized by the Vatican are the subject of a book. Photo album and beautiful book, this work presents the 17 secular and regular religious communities in communion with Rome. Without taking sides, the author, Thomas Grimaux, invites to come and see what they are really about. Everyone speaks about them but nobody really knows them: the traditional religious communities authorized by the Holy See remain a mystery. However, strong of vocations and faithful young people, they constitute an essential element of the New Evangelization wanted by John Paul II. Better, Benedict XVI has just set up one of them - the Institute of Good Shepherd - and would like to liberalize the use of the “Latin mass”, the mass of Saint Pius V, that of before the Vatican II Council.

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