Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Further Proof of Change

It is rather surprising -- certainly no one anticipated this -- but the Church Music Association of America's Sacred Music Colloquium, June 19-14, is filled to capacity, seven weeks too soon. If that's not an indication of important change, I don't know what would be.

Meanwhile, this: The Tallis Scholars Summer School, July 28-August 4: "The Tallis Scholars Summer Schools are dedicated to exploring the great heritage of Renaissance choral music and developing a performance style appropriate to it, as pioneered by the Tallis Scholars. Under the direction of Peter Phillips and members of the Tallis Scholars, we work on concert and service repertoire in a variety of small and medium-sized groups. The week’s activities culminate in a Gala Concert by summer school participants, directed by Peter Phillips. The dynamic, global city of Seattle is a thriving hub of early music, providing the perfect setting for the Tallis Scholars Summer School in the USA. Located close to Seattle’s downtown core, Seattle University offers excellent facilities, both for music-making and comfortable living. The theme for Seattle 2007 is Music for the Sistine Chapel, to include Allegri’s sublime Miserere and music by Palestrina."

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