Thursday, April 12, 2007

Items for Sale -- for fundraising

I've come across some more excellent and hard to find liturgical books (e.g. Breviaries and Missals of the varying Western rites and uses) and so I'm again trying to offer up a few items for donation that would allow me to put toward these fine liturgical books.

One is a vestment which I've collected over the years and which would be better suited to a priest (or seminarian) who intends to use it.

Here are the items.

1. Green (gothic style) cope. Lighter green rather than darker which includes a nice reflective sheen to it, with traditional ornamentated trim. Includes gold fabric tassle on back. In very good shape and condition, only needs the one clasp to be re-sewn back on, but the clasp is present. Pictures available on request.

Recommended donation level: $250 USD (plus shipping)

2. English-Latin "Sacramentary", 1966, USA edition. i.e. the much spoken of 1965 Ordo Missae. This particular edition was that which separated the lectionary from the "sacramentary", as opposed to being the single "Roman Missal." Doesn't include, in other words, the readings or antiphons.

Suggested donation: $50 USD (plus shipping)

I may also have another vestment to offer as well, but I am not certain as of yet.

Email me if interested.

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